Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who Wears Black to a Wedding?

Everyone. When I picked out my outfit for this wedding I thought I was being fashion forward; a catchy zebra-like print for a shirt tucked into a pencil skirt, clenched at a high waist with a wide sliver belt. Accessories: gorgeous diamond-shaped black and silver earrings, a watch, and elegant black pumps. Classic and fun rolled into one.

Imagine how I felt when we arrived and the first twenty girls I laid eyes on had on black. Black is the new in thing, (no pun intended) except for the tweeners. They didn’t get the memo. They had those short bright dresses that that border on too short because they wear the highest heels ever.

Here is my theory on the black dress for weddings. Girls who are not in the wedding wear them because we don’t want to take the focus away from the bride, but damn we look chic in them. Girls who don’t wear black, they are too young to know better or they like the attention. My personal opinion. My personal advice? Always incorporate black.

But let me talk about the red head of the event, the bride. She was amazing.  Fiery, bubbly, efficient, gorgeous, elegant, energized, emotional, romantic, and in love. She played all her roles perfectly and reminded me why I love her dearly. Any boy this girl can decorate and party.

Those of you who say that white girls can’t dance, you’re wrong. Find a red head and she will dance your socks off or in her words “you rock my face off!” And she rocked purple Pumas under a champagne wedding dress, a girl after my own heart.


  1. I just found you through the blog hop and I love your site!

    I also noticed the same thing at the recent wedding I went to and I also wore black. I totally agree, because the reason I wore black is so that I wouldn't stand out!

  2. I know, You don't want to stick out but you want to look good. Thanks for checking me out and add yourself to my followers if you like! I will be checking your site out too!