Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Parents Give Us All a Bad Name

I have a story to tell about parents who don’t set boundaries and follow through on consequences.

At work this morning a kid around the age of four was having a tantrum. You would be surprised how often this happens at a gas station. Honestly, the thought of walking out without a bug juice or donut is just too much for most children under three, especially for this kid. 

He was flat out screaming and kicking on the floor. I was super amused. I know I shouldn’t because my day will come, but it was probably the highlight of my day.

The mom had the right idea. When he started his tantrum she left him there and picked up the rest of her purchases and bought them. All the while her child is screaming bloody murder withering and howling on. Can you see why I was amused? I was rooting her on too.

Then the unthinkable happened.

He stopped.

And she rewarded him.

Then there they were standing at the bakery case, where he happily picked out a cake donut.

I was shocked. Correction. I wasn’t shocked at all. This happens all the time. Whether it is over the coveted bug juice, or a slushy, or a donut, or any of the tempting goodies we display at the registers right in the reach of children, it happens all the time.

People shake their heads and wonder what’s wrong with the children of America. I have the answer for you.

Their parents.

End of story.

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  1. :D And what did that mother teacher her child? That if he screams loud enough, long enough, and gives people a hard time, he will get what he wants. Teacher's don't wonder what's wrong with the kids, we KNOW! I'm not saying tantrums don't happen, because they do, but what a sad ending!