Saturday, October 23, 2010

What’s in Your Couch?

I am on a mission to find my camera. I was using it last night, but in the space of twelve hours it has completely disappeared. This is no surprise to me.

My house is a disaster. There are clothes (clean and dirty) in every room. Toys are scattered in the living room and I don’t even want to fathom how many hours it will take me to get our bedroom organized much less the rest of the house.

So for an organized and orderly person my house is crisis. As a recovering organized and orderly person, now known as a wife and mother, it could be worse. Trust me. I’ve seen it with my own eyes; but back to the missing camera.

Because I had been using it on the couch last night, it seemed that was the logical place to look. So I remove all the clothes (clean and dirty) from the cushions. No camera. Then I removed the cushions and did the ritualistic cushion check.  I know this could get ugly.

I pull out the typical things; pens, pencils, socks (dirty), candy wrappers, TV remotes, toys. Then the unusual things; underwear (clean), dirty diapers, used baby spoons, two moldy bottles (I am pretty sure that was the hubby), and a pair of Darren’s pants (that could be either of us).  How embarrassing.

Not just embarrassing, but cringe worthy. Thank God we don't have guests very often.


  1. oye. moldy bottles. Yikes! Haven't had that in the couch yet though random sippies found days later with soy milk converted to yogurt have been sighted frequently behind doors and under bed pillows. I think the couch has mostly crumbs and the occasional cat. I followed your link from bloggy moms and loved this post!

  2. I know it was really bad! And I haven't found my camera yet! But thanks for the follow I hope you enjoy!