Monday, January 17, 2011

Mischievous Crawler

Darren has been officially crawling for about three weeks now. I am a proud mama, exasperated at times, but definitely proud. His daddy is proud too, but I think he is too the point where he wants to pull his fro out.

It probably doesn’t help that he is feeling “under the weather.” (aka sick as a dog). And when you are “under the weather” keeping a close eye on a crawler is not the easiest task.

But I couldn’t help but chuckle at the phone call I got after work.

First, I need to explain that I do most the calling after work. The hubby never really calls me, unless it is his day off.  Which means he has spent the last ten hours in a chasing, playing, teasing, cuddling, napping, feeding, changing mind battle with Darren.

That is on a good day.

When he’s not sick (I mean under the weather).

Adding a major head cold into the mix can make the situation more desperate.

“So how are you feeling?” Me, the concerned wife.

“Uuh. Not too hot.” The under the weather hubby.

“How’s Darren been for you today.”



“Hey! Darren! No.” (pause) “Don’t make me put you back in the play pen.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh.” Darren protesting.

“Oh, you said mischievous.” Me, trying not to laugh too hard. “I get it.”

“So I am going to stop by the store and pick up WIC.” I continue.

“NO!” Come home. I need you here.” The hubby, desperately ready for a daddy break.

While it is funny, I can understand.

Even when he wasn’t crawling Darren would find a way of getting into things he wasn’t supposed too. The mail, his own socks, the diaper bag; he made it happen. Now it’s the TV remote, the wipes, the drawer holding our DVDs, and anything else you could possibly think of.  Where before we had to be two steps ahead of his latest shenanigans, now we have to be ten yards ahead our little rug rat. The hubby to his credit can deal. His sense of humor and amusement at Darren’s latest antics keep him on weary, but cheerful alert.

His son is so much like him, he can’t really get mad.

The other day as we were out shopping and I made a comment that now Darren was crawling made me excited for when he would learn how to walk.

The look on the hubby’s told me he thought I was insane.

“No babe. I am not even use to him crawling yet.”

His parental exasperation is so apparent, I felt a tiny bit sorry for him.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mommy Half Day

I took a mommy half day today. It was actually like a fourth of a day after working an eight hour shift and showing up at my parents place by six o’clock.

But I had had three uncontested hours to myself.

No demands.

Did I feel guilty?


Should I?


I did take a twenty minute shower.

It was pure bliss. I even got to shave. Highly impressive.

All day at work I had been dreaming of that shower. About using my beyond believable Bath and Body Works body wash and lotion (Sweet Pea). About the hot water warming my African skin…ok, that’s too much info, but the thought of an unrushed shower really was the saving grace that got me through the day.

Being a mom I did think about maximizing this alone time to get my house cleaned and organized. But then I walked through the door and realized I would need more than a few hours to truly tackle my ransacked-looking home.

Then my shower relaxed me so much that I decided that I should wear jeans instead of my usual jogging pants.  So I compromised and folded laundry while I watched The Real Housewives of Hollywood.

Yes, I admit it. It’s one of my dirty little secrets and I am completely hooked on the Hollywood housewives.
They’re like a different species.

They make me love my life.

The ransacked-laundry filled mess it is.

That says a lot because lately that life has been showing its tarnished parts. Dissatisfaction has been rearing its head. Plus, it seems that everyone has a stake in what I do on a daily basis.

But all it took was three hours and the housewives to make it somewhat better.

And David Turtera.

He’s like the Cesar Milan of weddings.

But I realized something in those three hours. That everyone has a purpose, actually several purposes in life. The idea is not to get lost in between your purposes.

After discovering this, I decided my purpose was to enjoy my alone time and not fill it with activities that would stress me out.

Hence I relaxed and watched the Hollywood housewives.

Amazing what a decent shower will do.