Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hubby Vocabulary 101

“Babe do you have that dictionary app on your phone?”


“It’s cool. It has so many words I have never heard of before.” Yah think? Most days I use a least two words he has never heard before. 

Then he says, “Most are words I wouldn’t use in front of my boys, but it’s so cool.” If you asked right now if he is a nerd he would venomously deny it. I have revealed the truth. 

 Today’s word: coruscate. Intransitive verb. Definition: to give off or reflect bright beams or flashes of light; to sparkle.

Hubby: “Use it in a sentence.”

Me: “The sunlight coruscated off of the metal.” I thought he meant me.

Hubby: “When the sunlight hits the vampires in Twilight their skin coruscates.”

Me: “Seriously?” I am surprised he used the right form. I am appalled at his choice of movie.

Hubby says laughing: “What? It makes sense and it's true isn’t? Their skin got all glittery.”

Huh? Glittery? The only reason he knows that is because his mom watched the first two movies while she was here when Darren was born.  I really don’t know if it counts, but he’s so proud of himself. I wouldn't bust his bubble, but I need to make sure this app is still available when Darren starts talking.

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