Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Gripes

Ok. I know that I shouldn’t be allowed to do this, being from Minnesota and everything, but I am going to go there. I need to get it out of my system. Just this one time.

Winter sucks. It doesn’t suck when you are sitting inside your cozy home watching the picturesque snowflakes falling slowly outside your window. You know the type I am talking about, the ones that bring the real Christmas cheer. 

But it does suck when over a foot of snow is dumped on you in a less than a week and you live out in the country on a back road that they plow once after every snow fall and you work forty five minutes away which makes traveling difficult, and the negative sixteen degree weather makes your son’s nasal cavity stuff up so you listen to him and your hubby snore at night.  

Not to mention that the snow made the Metrodome’s roof collapse and tear twice in roughly four days, which threw the sports community of Minnesota into complete mayhem.

Not to mention the horrible drivers that live in Minnesota that think they’re wonderful drivers because they drive in harsh conditions every year. Honestly, when a snow storm hits you could easily believe Minnesota was Florida if it weren’t for the fifty mile per hour winds blowing eight inches of snow everywhere. Seriously.
Hazardous snow driving tip #1: if you have four-wheel drive, use it. 

Hazardous snow driving tip #2: because you have four-wheel drive does not mean you can drive the normal speed limit. It just means that you should have a less likely chance of sliding your way into a ditch. If you’re smart.

A tip for driving on ice: just because it is sunny out and temps have reached above zero, still drive like a sane logical human being. It’s ice, it’s slippery, and it still zero degrees outs. That means the ice is still frozen. Jeez.
I know this is a rant and I wish I were done, but I am not.

Because I always seem to kill animals when the weather is bad.

You think I am kidding you. (Raccoon Killer).

Today is no exception. 

Today I killed a cat.

Pretty sure it was a fluffy orangey domesticated cat. It paused before it made the fateful decision to race across the still icy, but snow dusted back country road that rarely get plowed. 

Now, had this been a regular day I would have slammed on my breaks and this kitty would have crossed to the other side safely. 

But today was not regular. It literally has been snowing since last night. LAST NIGHT. And three days ago it rained a lot before it snowed and the roads are so icy.

Had this kitty know this, it would have stayed inside. And  I wouldn’t have let a curse word fly threw my thoughts as I decided to not step on the breaks and roll my Jeep which was carrying me and my precious sleeping son.

But always leave it to the hubby to make me feel better.
“So babe, I am pretty sure I killed a cat today.” I say this with a pained look on my face.

He looks at me sympathetically and shrugs, “It happens. Don’t feel bad.”

“Not this was like a fluffy domesticated cat.”

“Well I almost hit a dog last week. It was definitely a house dog.” I listen intently to his story, but the look on my face isn’t cutting it.

 “And I almost hit several pheasants this morning.” He adds on.

“That doesn’t count, they’re wild. This was a cat.” I say dubiously.

“It’s okay.” He repeats. “It happens.” That was the extent of his sympathy. 

Dang these Minnesota winters, and dang these snows storms. (But I can't lie I did come out of it all with some pretty good photos.)


  1. At least the snowscape looks pretty.

  2. I just found your blog through the Weekend Blog Hop, and I absolutely love your writing style!