Sunday, December 5, 2010

Daddy's Little Man

I am completely and utterly shattered, I am in the center of disappointment and shadowed in darkness. I am completely destroyed.

Darren's definitely said Dada before Mama.

All you mothers out there should understand why I feel distressed.

I should have seen it coming though.

I started noticing last week that Darren always wanted the hubby. Not for anything special, just to play. I just attributed it to that he liked being twirled around and tossed up in the air several times. I didn’t see it for the disguise it was. His baby giggles held me captive and pulled the wool over my eyes. I actually took it as a relief.  Then I came home the other day and all I heard was.


“That’s my little Lingle. Dada.” The hubby said.

Then I discovered they had a secret language.

“Hey Lingle. “Dddddddddddsssssssssssst.” The hubby’s tongue is a pressed against the roof of his mouth and the backs of his top front teeth. I can see little flick of spit spray out as he does it.

Darren responds in turn, but he had more drool and bubbles coming out of his mouth. “Ddddddddddsssssssst. Dddddddsssssssssssst.”

Then the other night I had to witness the head shaking routine. The hubby would shake his head back and forth and Darren would watch him intently. Because this looked like ridiculous fun Darren would copy him.  For about five minutes they sat there just shaking their heads back and forth thinking it was hilarious.
You have got to be kidding me.

Ok, I am not destitute. I don’t feel like a failure as a mother, and I am nowhere near depressed about the situation. I am just determined to have baby number two say Mama first when she comes.

But Darren has definitely become daddy’s little man. When the hubby walks in the room it all eyes on Daddy and if daddy doesn’t notice, he is going to scream his head off until he does.

Then they proceed to have serious conversations about meatloaf, the Cowboys, why daycare is the coolest, and how to con mommy into changing all the dirty diapers.

And then I can’t find the backbone to really be upset with the hubby.

All of the baby books talk about how the dad will be feeling left out in the early stages of a child’s life because of the bond that he/she will have with their mother.

But none of them talk about how the mommy will feel once they do start bonding. It’s wonderful. Beautiful really. Amazing.

Until we find that we do have a bit of parental jealous streak running through our veins. Because we are by nature nurtures and it could not be possible that our babies could need anything other than us right? Wrong.

So, I hold my peace and refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct. Because to be completely honest, I could never explain they hubby’s mysterious fascination with the word meatloaf, or run an accurate man to man zone cover defense or call a pick six the second before it happens. I will never master the art of ‘running game,’ or talking to girls.

But what I do know is revenge is sweet.

So I send a little prayer up to God and ask for a little pink package for when the next child comes around.
Because what little boys learn from becoming Daddy’s Little Man, little girls can learn from mommy about becoming women and most importantly getting daddy wrapped around her little finger.

I’ll play fair, but I do plan to even the scoreboard.

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  1. my baby boy has been doin the same lil head shake..its so cute, isnt it! I am your newest follower from the hop and would love a follow back at thanks!