Friday, December 17, 2010

The Art of Running Game

“I don’t care, Darren is definitely going to learn how to plan piano.” The hubby announced after watching a Bruno Mars video.

“Why is that? So he can get all the girls?” I ask rolling my eyes.

“Ya damn right.” He says with his signature grin.
It’s because of that smile I know he’s serious. The hubby has a fabulous smile this combined with his fun personality really puts me at disadvantage in the ‘game running’ category.  He’s good at it. Ask my friends. It took one of my girlfriends and me two weeks to realize that he had talked us into going halfsies on a pair of shoes for him. Yeah. Unbelievable.
When confronted about it he just smiled that smile and said “It worked didn’t it?”

It’s because of that smile I am beginning to worry. Because the Darren uses that same smile on me that his daddy does. As you can see.(above)

But this is what the situation usually entails: me, what looks to be a tasty morsel of food, and Darren. While he has now learned (kind of) no to screech at me if he want a taste of something, he has come up with other ways of getting that fetching morsel of food.

Like his eyes. Take a look at them.

Can you see what I would cave? He also has a way of staring intently at you when you have food too. It’s like he’s telepathically willing you to give him what you’ve got.  It is quite funny because he won’t scream or reach out for it. He’ll just stare. 

And stare some more.

And more.

Until you give it to him. Not because you want him to stop, but just because. It is quite crazy. Because a few minutes after giving to him u get this strange feeling that you’ve been intellectually scammed out of something very important. 

But I guess that is the art of running game. 

I guess.

 I am still working the concept of “running game” out in my head. It’s a guy thing.

I think. I just don’t know though.

Again, I guess that is the art of running game.


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  2. your son is absolutely adorable! [hehe] the 'art' of running game. from experience, i'd say the thing you felt like you just lost was a mental battle...LOL i guess it IS an art. found you at the bloggy mom hop. & now following via GFC