Friday, April 22, 2011

Sick is not Sexy

Hey everyone. 

I am finally back from the land of sick and contagious. And while the only linger affects I have from my harrowing bout of chills, double ear infections and a sinus infection, are a scratchy throat and a semi runny nose, let me tell you.

Sick is not sexy.

I know you’re thinking to yourself ‘Yeah duh, what’s sexy about puffy watery eyes, a hackers cough, unlimited amounts of mucus, no make-up and feeling like your head is so full of cotton that is gives a whole new meaning to cotton mouth.’

Let me tell you.

When your hubby promised to love you through thick and thin, sickness and through health…
He wasn’t kiddin’ darlin’.

Perfect example is my hubby dearest when I was sick. His trophy line was:

“Babe, I know I won’t get none when you’re sick.”


I love my hubby. He’s amazing. While I was fighting my way back to health he did the unthinkable.
He washed eighty-five percent of the dirty clothes in our house.


But that’s not all.

He kept the whole kitchen/dining rooms spotless for days at a time. That means cleaning dishes putting up food, etc.

All while accepting there would be no booty calls until I was feeling up to the task.

Did I mention I was sick for two weeks?

Now, you’re thinking: ‘Ok, miss-story-teller-thang. You just want to throw it in our faces that your man perfect. That he can go without and do household chores at the same time.’

Well ladies, that didn’t me he wasn’t adverse to making out with me.

Yeah. I protested. I pointed out that at any moment green mucus could come rocketing out of my nose, or that I my lips were all dry and crusty from having to breathe through my mouth 24/7.


Didn’t phase him.

His second trophy line was: “Babe I love you any way you are.  I just miss my baby.” (If you want to include soulful pleading eyes to add dramatic effect, feel free to do so.)

Now ladies, sick is not sexy. 


But how can you argue or have any woman logic when he says something like that? Even when you’re sick.
So I will admit; I was charmed into giving him a few contaminated smooches for being such a good sport. I mean the man was convincing.

Please don’t hold it against me.

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  1. He must love you! :) I love my man too, but gross is gross, lol.

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