Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tears, The Hangover, and Romance Novels

I am mentally exhausted.

One week I am childless and the next I am hubbyless. Both weeks I am a tearful basket case, over the smallest situations too; pure ridiculousness.

Do I smell a little undiagnosed postpartum depression going on? I think so.

Everyone, from doctors, to nurses, to friends, warned me about these moments.

“You’ll just be bawling for no reason.”

But once again I thought I had miraculously frog leaped this segment of child birthing. Negatory. Six months later it hits me, and makes me think I am going crazy, wondering why I am fighting tears at every turn. Fighting so much that after two days of the nonsense my eyes are tired. Drooping actually.

Luck has it that every time I sit down to get it out of my system, my tear ducts act like they’re dried out. The traitors.

If the hubby had known I was to this point he wouldn’t have gone to Vegas.

Yes, I said it. My hubby is in Vegas, and no I am not concerned. Lying. I am worried about his safety like crazy, but in general I am fine with it. I did have a mini heart attack when he told me that he and his buddies were watching The Hangover.

“Hey babe, howya doin?”

“Good, we are about to South Dakota.” Suddenly there is laughter. Lots of it.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing, we’re just watching The Hangover.” He does his manly giggly thing.

“What?! Now why would you watch that on your way to Vegas?” I am exasperated.

“Why not?”

“Goodness, you have your medical card?”

“Yes babe.” It’s his turn to be exasperated.

What can I say? I have a very clear vision of a hospital scene from said movie floating around in m head.

He did have one condition to his going though. He wanted me to stay at my parents place.
So here I am.

Writing this blog on a scrap of paper because I tired turning on the computer and it decided to die on me, even though its plugged in, but its been that type of day.

After fishing my earring out of the toilet (don’t ask, it was clean water if you were wondering), ripping my contact in half (the other half was still in my eye) and searching fro the elusive nuk again, I am not surprised. 

No wonder I am exhausted. I definitely need some RNR.

Yep, that’s right. Romance Novel Relaxation.

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