Friday, November 5, 2010

The Healing Powers of Kettle Corn

So yesterday ended pretty crappy and to be honest this morning didn’t start any better. 

I woke up tired; again. I am still waiting to have my imminent crying jag; any day now please. AND the Hubby’s phone went to voicemail all morning; cue in mini panic attack.  

So to put it on the light side, I was crabby and not wanting to deal with people. Period.

The good news is, I survived.

All because of Angie’s Kettle Corn. The perfect blend of salt and sweetness made my day end in perfection.

I am not a blogger who shamelessly promotes giveaways to boost my traffic. (I really should think about it though, it would make using Google’s AdSense worth it.) But I will promote healthy yummy delicious treats that turn awful days into heaven and turn the devout non-snacker in a guilt-free snack junkie.

I have to give all my credit to my co-worker Pammy. She brought her left over Halloween treats (Angie’s Carmel Kettle Corn) to work early this week. I about had a conniption. I hadn’t had Angie’s in ages.

So after my crappy morning this morning, I was in for a treat. As I meandered around the grocery picking up WIC items I spotted an Angie’s Kettle Corn display. I walked by the first time, telling myself I really didn’t need anything to eat.

Five seconds and two aisles later, I had rationalized my way to buying myself a treat.

I deserved a little something. I hadn’t really smiled all day. My eyeballs felt like they were rolling around on cotton balls, I paid bills, played gopher for my boss, and my husband was (and still is) in Vegas. I definitely had earned a treat.

My hand hesitated, when it saw the price. $2.28 per bag. Only for a second though, Angie’s Kettle Corn is definitely worth two dollars and twenty-eight cents. And if I had to rationalize it, I could say I was supporting a local business and eating healthy. I was going to talk myself into a bag either way.

I even gave the bag the privilege of sitting in the passenger seat all the way home. With my first sweet and salty bite, that bag of kettle corn had earned that privilege. It took my stress level from ten to zero in seconds.

It also helped that the hubby if finally turned his phone back on and we had a pretty good talk and that I was going to see Darren’s face in thirty minutes time.

But the fact that the laundry got folded straight out of the dryer? That was definitely the Angie’s.  Only magic can make me do something like that.

Romance novels be damned, I need to get me a stash of Angie’s Kettle Corn. That and a little more of that face below.

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